Welcome to JPEXS homepage. JPEXS is developer of web and desktop applications.
On this webpages you can find most of his work.


Date Section Changes
27.02.2022 games New version of Logik game. Old versions removed.
26.02.2022 programs, games, czech Screenshots to program and czech section, links to sourcecode/GitHub on games section. Download fix - some of the EXEs won't launch. Abalone game added.
19.02.2022 php, programs, games Links to new versions of graphic relared PHP scripts. Removing some of old things.
14.02.2022 guestbook Removed guestbook, it still did not work
9.11.2019 whole web Removing unnecessary parts, icons and style selection.
11.12.2017 czech New release of czech translation of Jazz Jackrabbit 2
28.2.2015 security Whole web is now HTTPS only
22.2.2015 karaoke, style, guestbook Removed disfunctional links to karaoke, style enhancement, improved guestbook
26.5.2013 all Removing unnecessary sections. New style.
4.9.2010 programs Added FFDec
31.8.2010 games,programs Added missing downloads
4.8.2009 czech Fixed czech version of Doom.
28.6.2009 karaoke Karaoke video - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classic Intro
26.6.2009 karaoke Karaoke video - Michael Jackson: Earth song
22.6.2009 karaoke Karaoke video - Verka Serduchka: Horosho krasavitsam
29.5.2009 karaoke Karaoke video - Beatles: Help
11.6.2009 karaoke Karaoke video - Verka Serduchka: Trali-vali
30.5.2009 karaoke Karaoke video - Verka Serduchka: Gorilka
28.5.2009 karaoke Karaoke video - Rammstein: Sonne
25.5.2009 karaoke Karaoke video - brouk Kvapník - Chvátám
21.5.2009 karaoke Karaoke video - Verka Serduchka: Pirozhok
12.5.2009 karaoke Karaoke videos - Rammstein: Links 2-3-4, Ich will
11.5.2009 karaoke Karaoke video - Rammstein: Feuer frei
9.5.2009 karaoke Karaoke video - Rammstein: Du hast
5.5.2009 karaoke Karaoke video - Verka Serduchka: Vse budet horosho
5.5.2009 karaoke Karaoke video - Verka Serduchka: Gop-gop
28.4.2009 karaoke Added karaoke video - Verka Serduchka: Chita drita
9.4.2009 karaoke New karaoke video - Verka Serduchka: Ya popala na lyubov
27.3.2009 karaoke New section Karaoke where you can find my work of karaoke subtitles. Currently only Verka Serduchka karaoke.
23.2.2009 php Modified PHP script for working with ICO... Added license info and commented source code. Same changes to BMP script.
12.1.2008 programs, php Added new program FileSystemSQL, added new PHP script JPXMLParser
2.12.2008 games Fixed bug - download of games was not working. Now all should be OK.
1.11.2008 games Added new version of Dáma (Checkers) with support for playing against PC
31.10.2008 games Added screenshots of my games. New games: Hanojské věže (czech version), Plchenstein 3d (czech version)
8.10.2008 codepage,games Changed page encoding to utf-8 for better viewing Music section.
Added Logik and Dáma (Java)
24.11.2007 programs Added new program - Matice 2 (Czech)
4.11.2007 personal-pcactivity New section Personal-PC Activity, where you can see how much I use PC.
31.10.2007 personal-tests New section Personal-Tests where you can find my Nation Tests results.
27.10.2007 webprojects New section Web Projects
26.10.2007 status New section Status (personal)
25.10.2007 personal Added Personal section, where you can find some personal information about me.
24.10.2007 styles Added styles Light and Red
23.10.2007 design I have redesigned my pages. There is only one style currenty.
I have also added control Code to the guestbook.
8.9.2006 programs New version of Advanced Status Manager
4-5.8.2006 styles New styles Turtle Power, Dimension X and SouthPark
3.8.2006 all Pages rewriten from scratch