In this section are Games, that I have created.
Logik 22
Screenshot Logik 22 Date Download Platform IDE
27.2.2022 GitHub
[source code]
Java SE Java SE
Classical desk game Mastermind, converted to PC. Czech version. New release 2022.

Screenshot Abalone Date Download Platform IDE
2010 GitHub
[source code]
Java SE Netbeans
Classic game Abalone made as PC game. Hotseat game or network play is supported.

Screenshot CloneBall Date Download Platform IDE
2008 SourceForge
[source code]
různé Eve
Multiplayer hotseat/network strategic game. Game runs on many platforms including PC and PDA.

ASCII Bomberman v 1.0
Screenshot ASCII Bomberman v 1.0 Date Download Platform IDE
12.11.2008 GitHub
[source code]
Windows C++
Atomic Bomberman clone with graphics made of ASCIIArt. Player layers bombs and tries to destroy opponent. Game is for two players on one computer.

Dáma v 1.1
Screenshot Dáma v 1.1 Date Download Platform IDE
1.11.2008 GitHub
[source code]
Java SE Java SE
Classic checkers game. It supports game against PC or 2 player game over network. Board size and rules can be changed. Czech version

Hanojské věže
Screenshot Hanojské věže Date Download Platform IDE
31.10.2008 GitHub
[source code]
Windows Delphi
Logical game Towers of hanoy - moving cylinders from one tower to another. Czech version.

Plchenstein 3-D
Screenshot Plchenstein 3-D Date Download Platform IDE
31.10.2008 Plchenstein3d.exe
(1176 kB)
Modified version of Wolf3d. Czech version. WARNING: You need an emulator of DOS like DOSBOX to play this.